Krisztian Sipos' self portrait

They say, taking pictures is just pressing the shutter. Well, technically yes but it’s much more than that. I draw, I design, I colour, I plan, I compose, I discuss ideas with friends and also brainstorm with them, going out and look for inspiration, I play music to keep my creativity up, I meet new people, I teach, I learn new techniques, I spend endless hours using photoshop, I experience, I fail, I solve technical problems, I dream.

Every session, every day is different, and this keeps me going. What impresses me is the endless learning curve. I love photography; I love colours, I love giving and creating images for musicians, business owners, bakers, performers, personal trainers, artists, chefs, actresses, models, agencies, companies and this makes me proud, achieve awards what I never dreamed of.  




Merit Award-Judges’ Choice Award & Gold Award SWPP 2017

Gold Awards SWPP 2016

Gold Award 2013

Nominated for POTY, Photographer of the Year.

Professional Photographer - Photo Noir Winner




The Embassy of Ireland -  London Society Annual Reception

The Embassy of Hungary - Welcome students

British Museum - James Cook Voyage

Monkey Shoulder - cocktail marketing campaign

Sweet Hookah - marketing campaign

The Glass Protege - marketing campaign

Samaritans - Christmas campaign

Pretty and Wicked - marketing campaign

Zoe Martlew - marketing portfolio.

David Gill - gallery marketing campaign
Professional face painter | face painting in London ⋆ 0798 322 3716

Curtzon | Solo Female Musician

A rock group from London, UK