First impression? How do you feel when you look at those images? Would you buy it?

If you are the seller wondering why your sale isn’t increasing, and you receive bad reviews?

In the online shop, probably you have a few second to keep your shopper engaged and make a sale or turn the costumer away: whether you’re advertising products via Google Shopping or selling on, Etsy, Shopify, Amazon & eBay. Therefore it is crucial to have an impressive visual content for your online store.

There are many things in product photography you need to consider. I present a list of those common mistakes.

Under or Overexposed image: the images is either dark or too light.

Multiple light sources: fluorescent or lamp bulb mixed with natural outdoor light. The mixture of different light sources will cause the overall light to be different throughout.

Poor styling: the styling doesn’t enhance the product. The product must be the main focus. Too many or too few props used in the set cause distortion or unbalanced image.

Busy background: additional objects, patterns, and light sources can distract the customer from the product.

Over or unsharp images: quickly generate a wrong impression.

Luck of consistency: missing out of the neat/clean presentation

Colour balance: wrong colour balance won’t show the real product, and you might receive a complaint.

Examples of my e-commerce product photography, where :

I helped to style, discussed the right solution for the client, represented some ideas and picked the right one, giving opinions on the appearance of the online store and discuss the perfect colour theme for the product, lifestyle set and website.

I offer my styling experience, a great understanding of colours, a vivid and clean image where your product is in focus. Get in touch and let’s talk.

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