You need my creativity when you need to stand out from the crowd.

I had the pleasure of getting to know Pete Nottage, a British voiceover artist/presenter and taking a different set of images for his website and agency.

He needed some headshots (we called them the boring ones) and some creative images like a composite when papers are flying around while he is reading.

I suggested that he collect some ideas from the internet, use Pinterest and share them with me. After discussing the visions, the big day had come.

We started with the headshots. Simple and perfect. Ideal for Linkedin, website and other social platforms.

Then moved to the Rembrandt type of portrait. I love the challenge of making it perfect. Exciting.

And then COLOURS! One of my favourite (of course, not for everybody). His favourite colour is blue, and his website theme is based on that, so I wanted to create an image that matches it: monochromatic with a Pixapro optical snoot projector that gives that controlled shape.

And the last one was the composite: flying papers. Pete took the images while I held a piece of paper in different places within the frame. That was fun. I love when an idea becomes a reality.

Pete's website

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