When you need new images for your book, business card, new business, professional website, promoting your music, you need some guidance to make sure you will be prepared for your unique photography session. Professional portraits of you can help to draw attention to your work.

By planning, knowing what to wear, and bringing the right materials, you can ensure your photos come out beautifully.

  • Book your session at the right time of the day.

If you are a morning person, then organise your day ahead to book the session in the morning.

  • Get plenty of rest.

Get plenty of sleep during each of the two nights preceding your shoot. Avoid drinking the night before your shoot. Alcohol can have a detrimental effect on your in skin tone, give you baggy eyes, and diminish the quality of your rest.

  • Get a haircut a few days before the shoot.

If you want it, then get it a few days before the shoot if you do it on the same day or a day before this may lead to visible skin tone difference lines along the edges of your hairline.

  • Bring a few variations of clothes.

I always say to bring more clothes than less. I help you to get the best outfit for each set, and it's essential to get a nice feel with the background too.

For men, bring a casual and smart outfit; a few variations of suits.

A suit is an integral component of a professional business portrait. Iron your shirts and bring some ties too. For a casual outfit, bring 2-3 sets, a few tops, and some accessories.

For women, bring a well-fitting blouse.

Pay particular attention to the fit of your shirt. You want to avoid anything too baggy or too loose. It's essential to compliments your figure.

I can take classical, contemporary, experimental and coloured portraits. Each of it needs different styling; I am good at it, you are in safe hands. If you need some advice about what to bring, send some images, and I'll help you.

  • Wear long sleeves.

Unfortunately, not everybody looks great with exposed arms. It might distract attention away from your face.

For each gender, it's best to dress conservatively for professional business portraits. Button your shirt most of the way up, perhaps leaving only the top button open if you're not wearing a tie

Don't forget; it's all about you.

My question is, what feel, what personality you want to show?

  • Wear your regular eyewear.

It's vital to represent who you are in your everyday life positively. I usually take two images for you: with and no glasses. It gives you freedom for your choice.

I will take care of glare or reflection. You sit back and enjoy the session.

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