Updated: Nov 13, 2019

First thing I found out after I went to photograph Daniel O'neill's work in Muswell Hill was the quality of his production. I worked as a cabinet maker before therefore I love well build wooden structures.

What I liked about the first garden were the landscape, the deep blue coloured wood, tailored garden construction and the fine details.

On the way to the other garden, we talked about 3D landscaping, garden design, specially treated timber, pipe issues and many more. I found it fascinating.

Get in touch with him if your garden needs reshaping or want to discuss some ideas at

Read below some of his thoughts

Split level suburban garden.

This garden was designed by Christina Erskin of Urban hedgerow garden design. The garden used to slope quite dramatically away from the house, and the original decking was rotten and unsafe, and the original lawn was unusable due to the steep slope.

The decking area was enlarged to make it more useable and constructed out of composite decking for longevity. The garden was split into two levels to give a useable flat lawn and wildflower/ orchard area.

Contemporary courtyard.

The garden was designed by Shelley Hugh-Jones garden design. The original garden was overgrown and not used at all by the property owners. The new garden was designed to be family-friendly but contemporary and modern at the same time. The garden includes bespoke printed porcelain paving, cedar batten fencing, seating area and encaustic tile detail to liven up the old steps by the house. The garden is now light welcoming and used by the property owners on a daily basis.

Modern town garden.

The garden was designed by the homeowner to replace the garden installed by the developers of their new build property. The new garden includes light coloured stone to help brighten the garden up due to its north-facing aspect — painted timber fences for contrast and extensive flower beds to indulge the homeowner passion for horticulture. The drainage was improved with a hidden slot drain to help cope with any sudden downpours.

Traditional town garden

The garden was designed by Joan Scanlon of space lift garden design to resemble the lines of a cello, we were originally bought into the lawn, and yellow brick edge as the housebuilders were due to build the patio. Our remit grew to include all the boundary trellising, design and build of the bespoke playframe, planting of the large trees at the rear to hide the buildings, which we had to use special moving equipment for, all the preparation for the planting and turf of the lawn.

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