Updated: May 21, 2020

As you all know, I am a drummer, percussionist and busker. So, I got my new VicFirth drumsticks from Gabor Dornyei, Yeah, I break a lot. I know, bad habit. Before I hit the drums, I had some new ideas, so I photographed them using gels on the Elinchrom studio lights. First, I wanted to get graphics, so I only used black plastic, and I cut a regular A4 paper into stripes.

Secondly, I wanted to emphasise the shape of the sticks and also add some cool colouring. After a few test shot, I needed to add something extra to bring the shadows alive, so I used my torch on my phone. Yeah! Long exposure. Easy, right? More explanation in the video.

#GaborDornyei #drummer #VicFirth #gels #Elinchrom #studiolights #Longexposure #vintage #colorgels #colourgels

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