I have been doing promotional and PR music photography for musicians for a few years. I get excited every single time not just because of the photography itself but getting to know other musicians. As a drummer myself I always enjoy sharing memories and learn something new about them and of their instrument. Rachel found me on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/krisztiansipos_photography/, and she wanted something magical, something mesmerising for her new EP album cover.

After preparing the shot via email, she came to my studio, and we instantly clicked. We started with the concert set where I enjoyed Rachel's playing. Just love the live performance at the session! Her violin sounded so rich. It was made in 1902!

After the first set, we did the coloured paper background, the outdoor type of theme. And then I began to work on her ideas of using a mirror and get all surrealistic. She was surprised that I want to do it based on her drawing. Really exciting! So, we have a mirror to hang somewhere, but it will levitate in the image. I got my screwdriver and quickly attached the mirror to a piece of wood lying around in my studio. Great to be a carpenter, it comes handy :D

One challenge was to get the mirror in the curtain angle that Rachel's face shows in and it looks great but not the reflections. I build a black wall to get rid of it. The second challenge was to find the right coloured gels for her and achieve an atmosphere she wanted. I had to work out what colour will be the key and what will give an additional effect to it. She had to have a tea until I set up the lights and do some test. After 20 minutes I was ready to shot, and I loved the result!

Next one was the monochromatic set, my fav! The blue and yellow background worked well with Rachel.

Check out her music at http://www.curtzon.com/ and follow her on IG https://www.instagram.com/rachel_curtzonmusic/

Which one do you like the most and why?

Get in touch for your irresistible gel images at www.krisztiansipos.com or give me a buzz 07889259752

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