Updated: Sep 5, 2019

YES, it was a fantastic surprise for Dominika, a jewellery designer from Slovakia. One of my friends had bought her the ear ring some time ago and she showed me. Instantly, I liked it and started to think what colours I should use on my lights. EXCITING! I just love how I get inspired. Don't you always plan? As for me, most of the time I think of some concepts and realising the basic rules of colours when I browse on the net or go out.

Quickly found Julie who was keen to be apart of my project and also she had awesome selection of dresses which were just perfect. Thank you for your great taste :) I needed a MUA and Nioka was free on that day. Awesome! All set up and the day came. Yuhuuuuu.

Before they arrived at 9:30 am at my studio, I had set all my lights and put my set of gels out to match the dresses. Ok then, here we go. We all shared ideas and worked on colour concepts, dress, background, make-up and poses. Nioka started to apply an elegant make-up on Julie.

Let's test and see how colours interact. Not too bad, right?

The pose wasn't easy and Julie was just awesome to manage it every single time. It was so stunning because of the triangle light I created to enhance the ear ring. 1 cm to left, 2 cm down and hold still! Don't breathe! :D This is how specific it was. Phhh

I am really meticulous so I asked Nioka to brush the ear ring!

And just started to shoot like a monkey :D

Have a look at her website or even at her instagram if you don't want to be bothered with Slovakian content. :)

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