Let me introduce you to Torbjorn Hultmark, an amazing composer, artist and musician. Feel free to check his website out www​.hult​mark​.me and watch some of his performance here https ://www.youtube.com/user/Thultmark

As a musician myself, It was so great to have a conversation about music during our session, including laugh, jokes and great stories.

As always, preparation, discussion on ideas and advice on what to wear. We planned 4 sets to shoot in 4 hours : headshot against white background. lifestyle set, full lenght and a levitation sort of set. We managed to take more portraits using his brass instruments : trombone and trumpet. I included an orange gel to use some of the sets like on the levitation one, complementing the cyan background and the Chinese top.

Come and shoot with me! Have your unique, colourful images to get you more gigs and recording deal!

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