Chasing Deer are an exciting and energetic pop/rock band from the UK.

Before the actual photoshoot, we discussed and planned the session beforehand. Theme-style-outfit...We need an outdoor place. I had an idea: I walked to the back yard to take some pics of what we have where I live. I sent the pics and they liked it. Location done! So, the band wanted some traditional, naturally posed photos, monochrome or bold solid ones and smart clean image. Cool! I know what to do.

When they arrived at my studio, I've already prepared the studio lights. Quick chat, discussion on where we start and we were ready to shoot. Yuhuuuu! The guys got a nice, elegant suit and I saw instantly that my light what I planned to use was just perfect: a big softbox camera left, up high and a rim light at the far, camera right.

I really like how Rob and Adam did on this image. What do you think guys? Have a look at their FB page and give a like You can find the tour dates on their website too

If you are a musician or play in a band and in need of promotional photography please get in touch or call 07889259752.

We did some outdoor lifestyle shots just next to my studio. The doors came handy whoever left it there.


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