It's all about getting your headshot taken creative and personal. You might want to have your new Linkedin headshot or working on your new website and need some perfect images, and that's why we take time together to customise the session to your individual needs as a performer/entrepreneur/teacher etc.




I give 100% of the work and preparation for your session. For this, I will ask a few questions about your purpose and aim. 

I like to make a great connection with you; therefore, I want to hear your story, have a bit of chat during the session, maybe laughter.

Remember that you can't expect your photographer to know exactly what you want without communicating it to them.


How do I prepare for my Headshots & Portrait Shoot?

If you plan to have a party before your big day that's a no-no, that would ruin your images, ensure to get plenty of sleep the night before your photo-shoot session. Drink plenty of water refrain from eating heavy meals. I offer tea, coffee and water to keep you relaxed during the session.

Make sure that you know your goals for the session. If you need help, give a call, and I assist you.

Be sure and confident about how you want to look on the images. Visit your hairdressers and if you need, get beauty treatments. Prepare your looks.

What clothing to bring? 

Wear solid colours such as blue, dark and light colours, black & white etc. Bring jackets, cardigans, suit, a few variations of each lookAvoid loud and colourful patterns which will be somewhat distracting,  logos, neon colours old, stained or creased. This is likely to show up in your photos and could end up costing you more in retouching fees. 

Long or short top? Avoid showing too much skin. 


Cold shooting day. Prepare to have an extra, warm layer underneath. You might need to take your jacket/coat off, so make sure you are wearing warm clothes.  


Do you give Black & White images?

Your selected images will be provided in both Colour and Black & White.


Do you give away all the shots taken?

No. If you would like to purchase the whole unedited images, then it will be £700.

Can I choose the images on the day?

At the end of your photo-shoot, you can choose your favourite images for editing unless you prefer to choose them in your own time to which we can send you a contact sheet via We-transfer. You need to send the last three digits of your selected ones. If you can't decide which one to pick, I am here to help

Haven't booked your session yet?

Thanks! Message sent.